5 best places to take pictures in Porto


We travel to see new places, try new things, meet new people.But be honest – who doesn’t want to bring nice photos back from vacation?The city of Porto is very picturesque, so you won’t have any trouble finding locations for your photos. It is just impossible to take bad pictures here. But here are few places not to miss.

is a historical district that spreads alongside the Douro river. Narrow streets and alleyways, old colorful buildings – this place was made to take pictures of. The reason I have only a few photos from Ribeira – it looked so great, but when I tried to take a picture – it couldn’t represent the real beauty of this place. So I gave up and just enjoyed walking around in that moment. But this shouldn’t stop you – go and try your luck.
Ribeira Porto

2. Dom Luis I Bridge
This famous bridge may remind you about Eifel tower, but no, it was not designed by Gustave Eiffel. He actually designed another one next to this bridge – Dona Maria Pia Bridge.
You can take photos with the bridge in the background from both sides of the river. The bridge has two levels, the upper level is for metro and the lower level is used by cars and pedestrians. The local guide told us it is the best to cross the upper level at the daytime and the best night view is from the lower level. I didn’t get a chance to check if it is true, so let me know if you do.

3. Vila Nova de Gaia
Gaia is a city located on the other side of the Douro river. From here you probably get the most spectacular view of Porto. Add the Dom Luis I Bridge and a traditional Rabelo wine boat and you have a great background for your photo. It is also well-known for the port wine cellars where the famous Port wine is stored and aged.

4. Wine cellars
Here you not only learn something new about producing Port wine and taste some samples, but also take photos of barrels holding hundreds and thousands of liters of wine. I only went to “Taylor’s” and can recommend it.  There is a nice open terrace where you can take another picture of Porto skyline, a lovely garden, and cozy waiting room.

5. Liuraria Lello
This bookstore was named one of the most beautiful one in the world not without reason. Now it is one of the most touristic places in Porto. JK Rowling lived here for a few years and it is said that Liuraria Lello was her important inspiration. Because of so many other tourists, even walking inside might be hard, leave aside taking photos. I am not sure if this place is ever half empty, but maybe try to arrive in the morning, if taking good pictures is your main goal.

Liuraria Lello

One more hint
If you are using Instagram for its real purpose (posting pictures of food, if you didn’t know), Portugal will make your feed so diverse. Portuguese food offers a great variety of flavors, colors and textures, but if you are in Porto – don’t forget to take a picture of Francensinha and let your friends guess what it is made of.

Have you been to Porto? To you know some cool places to take pictures?

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