Hello and welcome to my little space on the internet!

My name is Uliana, nice to see you here 🙂

I was born and raised in Ukraine but moved to Germany 1,5 years now. This blog was born in 2016 as the way to document the new experiences I had in my life. I went to Germany as au pair to fulfill one of my dreams  –  explore a new country and travel almost as much as I want. At one moment my head was ready to explode from everything I saw, heard, ate and felt in Germany, so the blog was a great way to let it all out.

Is this a travel blog?

Good question! You probably noticed that a lot of my posts are travel related. I’m not planning to sell all my stuff and go on the round-the-world trip one day but traveling is what I enjoy more than anything else in my free time. You see, traveling seemed to be an unachievable dream for me for a long time. My family didn’t have means to travel and as a Ukrainian citizen, I need a visa for many countries even in Europe which means additional expenses and stress. First time I traveled abroad only two years ago. It seems crazy when I think about it now because I’ve seen so many amazing places during these two years. I understand that traveling is a big privilege and I am grateful for the possibility to do it. However I also recently realized that I don’t want traveling to be the only thing that makes me happy, so I am trying to focus more on other simple things in life now.

What else can you find here?

I try to make my posts helpful and inspirational, so you will find practical tips about visiting different places and ideas where to go next. Expect posts about different cuisines because I LOVE trying new food (but not cooking it, so no recipes, sorry). Foreign languages and cultures really fascinate me (huge German fan, but I’m currently also learning French and Hindi), so you will also see posts about languages and traditions around the world.

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, you can contact me on Facebook or drop me a message to springtomymind(at)gmail.com 🙂
I also curate the German Word Of The Day on Instagram, so be sure to check it if you are learning German.