These 7 Hindi Music Videos will inspire you to travel the world

Hindi travel music video

A little story how I came up with this random post.
A few months ago I started learning Hindi by myself. At first, I really enjoyed it but as it often happens when you are doing something without a strict schedule – my motivation started to fade slowly. Due to other things happening in life and about one month of travelling Europe I totally stopped at the end. Now that I am home again I have absolutely no excuses not to continue studying but starting again is extremely difficult. I started looking for some Hindi songs to listen to, hoping that it will raise my motivation again.  After watching few music videos I noticed one interesting trend. Many of those videos were filmed in beautiful locations around the world. Even if you have absolutely no interest in learning Hindi, I bet you will want to pack your suitcase and go on vacation right after watching them!

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Must-know Polish words and phrases for travel (+FREE printable)

Polish travel phrases

Whenever I travel abroad, I try to learn or at least write down few words and phrases in the language of the country I am visiting. Even though in most touristic places it is easy to find people who speak English, you never know when some knowledge of the local language may be helpful. Poland is quickly becoming a popular destination for international visitors and in cities like Krakow or Warsaw, you are most likely to be fine with just English. However, in smaller cities, some Polish vocabulary might come in handy.

While I enjoy learning foreign languages, I am also lazy sometimes, so I made a pdf with some useful Polish words and phrases. Scroll down to the end of the post to download a free pdf, print it and take on your trip to use whenever you need. Enjoy! 🙂

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5 most important German words according to a 2 years old Baby

most important German words

The girl I babysit recently turned 2. Let’s call her Baby, because this is how she likes to refer to herself. For me as for a non-native German speaker, it was really interesting to see how her vocabulary developed since she started speaking. Now she talks a lot and learns new words every day, but there a few essential words and phrases that she uses more often than others. And you can use them too!

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