2016 in review: when dreams come true

I’ve been seeing many people saying on social media that 2016 was the worst year and it has to end quickly. While I agree that it was not the easy year for the world, I consider myself extremely lucky because this was probably my best year so far. I know, I probably said the same thing at the end of 2015 but hey, isn’t it cool when you feel like every new year was the best one in your life?

In 2016 many of my dreams finally came true and left me wondering how did it even happen? Is this a real life?

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10 Ukrainian superstitions I can’t get rid of

Ukrainian supersitions


Ukrainian people still do believe in superstitions. They are taken seriously mostly only by elder people but are followed by nearly everyone. Some of them are so common that I didn’t even realise how weird they must be to someone outside of Ukraine. And no matter how silly these superstitions are, it proved to be difficult for me to stop following them even after moving abroad.

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