My France travel bucket list

Places to visit in France

Lately, I’ve been thinking about writing a travel bucket list. There are so many places in the world I want to see that sometimes it is hard to keep them all in mind. Whenever I nee to plan the next trip, I spend a lot of time thinking where to go instead of just picking one destination from the list. It will also be fun to look at the bucket list a few years later and see how much has happened already.

I wanted to write a list of countries to visit first but it didn’t work well. Some countries are more exciting than other and there are lots of things I want to do there.  That’s why I decided to create a list for every country I want to visit. The first post is going to be about France for a special reason. At the moment I live right on the French-German border. I only need to cross the bridge to go to France and I can see the other side from the window of my apartment. However, the only part of France I have been to remains Alsace. And here is what is on wish-list.

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10 things you might hate about free walking tours

free walking tour hates

Some time ago I wrote a post about how great the free walking tours are. I like taking walking tours when visiting a new city and the idea of tip based tours is quite interesting. However, I felt that that post was incomplete. It described the free walking tours only from the positive side and ignored all the bad things. During my trip to Vienna, I went on a free walking tour and finally got inspiration to write something negative about the free tours. It’s not what you think, my tour was great. In fact, it was the best free walking tour I’ve ever had before. I kept thinking about how this tour was different compared to all the other tours I’ve taken in the past and this is how this post was born. If you are not new to the free walking tours, you might have also experienced some of those things before. And if you are only about to try them out, here is what you should be ready for.

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20 photos that will inspire you to visit Colmar, France

Photos of Colmar, France

My best friend from Ukraine came to visit me in Germany recently. As we were discussing what to do during her stay, I suggested going to Colmar. This French town is located just a 40 minutes bus ride from my current home and it is so pretty that I went there a few times already. To my surprise, my friend never heard of Colmar before! Sometimes I see Colmar on the lists of hidden gems on the Internet but you just need to go there once during Christmas to understand that this is no more an off-the-beaten-path destination. I will write a blog post with the tips to visit Colmar soon but here are some photos to inspire your wanderlust if you don’t dream of visiting Colmar yet. 😉

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12 one day city trip ideas from Zurich by train, bus or car

On day city trips from Zurich

There are so many great things to say about Switzerland. Gorgeous mountain landscapes, world-famous cheese and chocolate usually come first but if you look at the map you will notice that Switzerland also has one of the best possible locations a country can have. Just look how perfectly it is located in the middle of Europe. Thanks to the expanded railway network it is easy to travel across the Switzerland and to the neighbor countries even if you have only one day for a trip. A car is also a good way to travel around but buses are much less common in Switzerland for a long distance travel, so possibilities of day trips by bus are quite limited in Switzerland.

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These 7 Hindi Music Videos will inspire you to travel the world

Hindi travel music video

A little story how I came up with this random post.
A few months ago I started learning Hindi by myself. At first, I really enjoyed it but as it often happens when you are doing something without a strict schedule – my motivation started to fade slowly. Due to other things happening in life and about one month of travelling Europe I totally stopped at the end. Now that I am home again I have absolutely no excuses not to continue studying but starting again is extremely difficult. I started looking for some Hindi songs to listen to, hoping that it will raise my motivation again.  After watching few music videos I noticed one interesting trend. Many of those videos were filmed in beautiful locations around the world. Even if you have absolutely no interest in learning Hindi, I bet you will want to pack your suitcase and go on vacation right after watching them!

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Krakow in one day: What to see and do

So you are going to one of the most beautiful and most visited Polish cities and only have 24 hours to spend there. How much can you see in just one day? You will be happy to hear that you can actually see a lot! Krakow is not a big city and even in such a limited time, you can easily explore it on foot.  If you are not planning to leave the historical part there is no need to use public transport. The distances between all the places listed below are around 15-20 minutes walking. And besides, walking in Krakow is a part of the experience because the city can boast of having some amazing architecture.

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How to enjoy winter travel in Europe

Except for the Christmas time, winter is my least favourite season to travel. Days are short, temperatures are low and the sun doesn’t shine every day – this is what I’ve been repeating for a long time until I got tired of my own complaints. The weather is something we can not control and the only way to stay sane is to change an attitude towards it instead. Winter travel can be enjoyable even if you don’t like cold weather like me. All you need is good preparation and your trip will be as awesome as in any other season.  Here are some tips how you can make the most of your winter vacation.

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How to travel in Germany with Flixbus like a pro

tips for travel with Flixbus

Flixbus is the biggest company offering long-distance bus service all over Germany and is rapidly expanding its network in Europe. Compared to Deutsche Bahn, Flixbus offers affordable tickets and is therefore especially attractive for young people.
Over the past year, I had a love-hate relationship with Flixbus. At first, I was really happy to find such a cheap way to travel and small problems didn’t seem to bother me much. The more I travelled with Flixbus, the more disadvantages I started to notice. At one point I was so disappointed with their service that I said I would never use them again. After a while I started travelling with Flixbus again, but only when it fits my travel plans the best. Here is some information I wish I knew before I did my first ride.

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Vienna in 30 random facts, photos and impressions

My life has been chaotic lately and, as a result, the recent trip to Vienna went a bit chaotic as well. I thought I had a good plan what to do in the city for two days but, looking back now, it seems I spent most of the time randomly walking around and taking pictures. In my defense, Vienna is so big and full of interesting sights, that it is just impossible to see everything in a limited time. After all, we forget many things from our trips and in the end it is a general impression and a few details that are left in our memory. Below, I list some of my memories from Vienna.

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5 reasons to visit Barcelona in autumn

Barcelona in autumn


It’s been almost a year since I visited Barcelona. I happened to have a free week in the early November and was struggling to decide where to spend it. It got colder in Germany, so my eyes turned South. Barcelona was not an obvious choice, but I’m so glad I went. To be honest, If I ever get a chance to go again, I will try to go in autumn or spring again, because…

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