My France travel bucket list

Places to visit in France

Lately, I’ve been thinking about writing a travel bucket list. There are so many places in the world I want to see that sometimes it is hard to keep them all in mind. Whenever I nee to plan the next trip, I spend a lot of time thinking where to go instead of just picking one destination from the list. It will also be fun to look at the bucket list a few years later and see how much has happened already.

I wanted to write a list of countries to visit first but it didn’t work well. Some countries are more exciting than other and there are lots of things I want to do there.  That’s why I decided to create a list for every country I want to visit. The first post is going to be about France for a special reason. At the moment I live right on the French-German border. I only need to cross the bridge to go to France and I can see the other side from the window of my apartment. However, the only part of France I have been to remains Alsace. And here is what is on wish-list.

1. Mont Saint-Michel

If I could choose only one place to go in France right now, it would be Mont Saint-Michel. I remember seeing the photo of this place for the first time and thinking: is this even real? Mont Saint-Michel is so unique and stunning, I need to see it in the reality to believe my eyes.
Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France

2. Côte d’Albâtre (the Alabaster Coast)

I haven’t seen many coastlines in my life, so this might be a reason I find the Normandy’s Alabaster Coast so interesting.  I read that you can hike across these white cliffs to enjoy amazing views, so the Alabaster Coast is also on my bucket list of hiking experiences.

Normandy coast, France

4. Lyon

Lyon is a  third largest city in France but is much less discovered than Paris and I am curious to find out why. The Old Town is a UNESCO heritage site, there is a big light festival in Lyon every year and it is called the food capital of France. Enough reasons for me to go there.
Lyon, France

5. Provence

Yes, you guessed it right. The main reason I want to go to Provence are the lavender fields. I am sure there is more to discover in Provence than lavender but let me see the flowers first.
Provence lavender fields, France

6. Corsica

Honestly, I didn’t realize Corsica was a part of France before. I still don’t know much about this island. But just a quick look at the official tourism site shows that the weather is great, landscapes are beautiful, you can hike and do water sports and there are a lot of different events all year round.

Corsica island, France

7. Alsace

Alsace is the only region of France where I’ve been so far. I went to Strasbourg, Colmar, and few little villages in between a few times already. But I am putting Alsace on my list because I am still not bored of going there and probably will never be.
Colmar, Alsace, France

8. Annecy

Annecy is a charming French city located between the lake Annecy and mountains not far from the Swiss border.  Already looking at the photos of this place make me want to spend a weekend there.
Annecy, France

9. Lac Blanc, Chamonix

Ever since I saw a photo of Lac Blanc,  I knew I had to go there. To reach the lake, you need to hike for a few hours depending on the trail. And even if the reviews say, this hike is often crowded (for obvious reasons), I want to see this beauty at least once in the lifetime.
Lac Blanc, Chamonix, France

10. French Riviera (Cote d’ Azur)

This is a place I would like to go sometime later when I have a bit more money and can enjoy a glamorous lifestyle. I also feel it could be a nice place to go for some sunshine in early spring or late autumn when the weather is already not the best in Germany.

Côte D'azur, Nice, French Riviera, France

11. Loire Valley

The Lore Valley is called the “garden of France” because of its numerous castles, parks, and gardens. The best part is that there are also many cycling trails so you can explore the region by bike.

Lorey Valley, France

12. Paris

I didn’t forget Paris! I am just ashamed I still didn’t go there… Paris is only 4 hours train ride from where I live and could make a perfect weekend trip. But somehow I didn’t manage to go there yet.

Paris, France

I am sure there are more places in France worth visiting but I just don’t know about them yet.

Tell me, what is on your France bucket list?

France places to see

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    1. Wow! I am sure you will like it! It is a great time to visit Colmar and Strasbourg now when the trees are blooming 🙂

  1. This is so great. I feel like often times, people only think of Paris when they think of France. But it is noce to see that there is so much more to this country. Thanks for a great share and hopefully I can visit some of these places next time!!

    1. I also feel the same way, France is such a diverse and beautiful country and many limit it to Paris only. Let’s visit other places and inspire everyone to go there too 😉

  2. great list! I have to say that Brittany is also a must add to the list. I am going to the Alabaster Coast of Normandy next weekend and am really excited to hike there! France has so much to see, there is so much more than Paris!

    1. I envy you so much right now 😀 I will make sure to follow your blog not to miss a post about it 😉
      And thank you for a tip, I will see what is interesting in Brittany.

  3. Great list ! As I am french, I could add few places you could visit next time 🙂 : the Périgord in the Dordogne department on Aquitaine (Sarlat, Rougemont), the Brittany (so lovely !!) and if you like cities, Bordeaux is really nice !

    1. Thanks for great suggestions! Brittany and Bordeuax were mentioned a few times, those must be really great destinations)) The other names I didn’t hear before and this is exactly why I like hearing advice from locals)) You can recommend the places that outsiders didn’t even know exist 🙂

  4. This is an excellent list for my personal reference should I visit France again! Paris is nice and not nice. It is not really the city of love. So crowded and people weren’t excellent friendly especially in the tourist hot spots. We had the best time at the Sunday Marché where only the locals go.

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