5 most important German words according to a 2 years old Baby

most important German words

The girl I babysit recently turned 2. Let’s call her Baby, because this is how she likes to refer to herself. For me as for a non-native German speaker, it was really interesting to see how her vocabulary developed since she started speaking. Now she talks a lot and learns new words every day, but there a few essential words and phrases that she uses more often than others. And you can use them too!

1. haben – to have

Simply point at something you want and say “haben”. It doesn’t sound very good, but you will be understood.

2. auch – also

If you see someone eating or drinking something you also want, you can point at this object and say “auch”. Ready to go more advanced? Combine “auch” and “haben” and wow! You already can speak 2 words phrases: auch haben.

3. mehr – more

Still hungry or thirsty? Point at your cup or plate and say “mehr haben” and you will probably get more of what you want.

4. bitte – please

Although this one came only recently, since Baby  understood the magical power of this word, she keeps using it in all possible situations, even if they are not right. Add “bitte” to all the phrases mentioned above and you instantly become a more polite person: bitte mehr haben, bitte auch haben.

5. trinken – to drink

Surprisingly or not this one Baby finds more important than “eat”. Well when you think that a human can survive about 3 weeks without food and only a few days without water, it makes sense.

German is quite easy, isn’t it? 😀

most important German words

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