One day trip to Aescher-Wildkirchli Berggasthaus

When I was already about to start thinking that I am running out of ideas for one-day trips, my boyfriend suggested going to Aescher-Wildkirchli Berggasthaus. I remember seeing the photo of this place a long time ago but I didn’t even consider putting it on my bucket list. That time I was living in Ukraine and Switzerland seemed so far away.  This is another opportunity to say – “dreams come true” and this is how mine came true last weekend.

First, we took a train from Zurich to Gossau where we had to change to the next train. This is where the scenic part of the journey starts and you start watching out of the window instead of reading a book or checking your phone.

After a total 2 hours train ride, we arrived in Wasserau. There are two possibilities to continue the journey from Wasserau. The one that I actually wanted to do is hiking all the way up to the Berggasthaus. According to a trusted source, the hike takes about 3 hours and is of medium difficulty. While I am eager to do this hike one day when I am in better physical shape, I was hesitant what is medium difficulty by Swiss standard, so we choose the second way – a cable car that takes you up in a few minutes.

From the station, you still need to do an easy  10-15 minutes hike down to the restaurant, but note that time doubles if you stop to take photos on the way :D.

The trail is well maintained and is doable in any comfortable shoes probably (I was wearing light sneakers), but hiking boots are recommended anyway.

A part of hike leads through the Wildkirchli caves. They are also believed to be a ‘Kraftort’ – a place with special energy. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel anything again, same as in first Kraftort I visited in Switzerland.
Wildkirchli caves

Few more minutes walking and…

there it is!

After looking at all the photos of Aescher Berggasthaus I was excited to see if it really looks the same in real life and yeah, I was not disappointed.

We went there on Sunday and this is probably the time when half of Switzerland go on traditional Sunday hike too.  We had to wait 15 minutes to be seated and that’s because we were only two in the group. More people in the group – more waiting time. But waiting was worth it because I had the best Rosti with eggs in my life.

For some reason, this place seems not to be very famous and popular among tourist from outside. Most of visitors seemed to be locals, so I felt like we discovered some secret spot that is not so advertised as Jungfrau or Zermatt.

Rösti with eggs

The guesthouse is working from May to Oktober and also offers dormitory rooms for 45 CHF. This area is full of nice hiking trails of different difficulty levels.  This made me think that it would be a cool idea for a weekend – hike from Wasserauen to Aescher or Ebenalp, stay there one night and continue next day.

While the line for the cable car to Wasserauen was long, we also quickly checked Ebenalp Berggasthaus with another great view. This guesthouse is especially popular in the winter time among skiers.

Would you like to visit Aescher-Wildkirchli Berggasthaus?

Aescher-Wildkirchli Berggasthaus

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  1. OHHH that place looks SO BEAUTIFUL, I love it. I have to admit, I’d rather visit big cities or lovely little towns than little places lost in the mountains a bit, but here…it seems absolutely stunning. I love the landscape and definitely would go there for a weekend away! Seems like you had such a great time 🙂 Lovely pictures 🙂

    1. It’s a pity you didn’t get good weather 🙁
      I also experienced unpredictable Swiss weather, it’s so sorry when you plan a trip, but rain ruins everything 🙁
      Come back in spring! 😉

  2. This place is still on my bucket list. I wanted to visit it this summer, but the time flew by and now it seems it will have to wait till the next summer season. Great post, btw!

  3. Ah! We wanted to hike up to Wildkirchli last year but the crowd was crazy. We couldn’t find a parking space so we detoured and went to the town instead. 🙁

    1. omg I didn’t know it was so hard to find a parking place there! So we were lucky to that we went by train))

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