How to travel in Germany with Flixbus like a pro

tips for travel with Flixbus

Flixbus is the biggest company offering long-distance bus service all over Germany and is rapidly expanding its network in Europe. Compared to Deutsche Bahn, Flixbus offers affordable tickets and is therefore especially attractive for young people.
Over the past year, I had a love-hate relationship with Flixbus. At first, I was really happy to find such a cheap way to travel and small problems didn’t seem to bother me much. The more I travelled with Flixbus, the more disadvantages I started to notice. At one point I was so disappointed with their service that I said I would never use them again. After a while I started travelling with Flixbus again, but only when it fits my travel plans the best. Here is some information I wish I knew before I did my first ride.

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2016 in review: when dreams come true

I’ve been seeing many people saying on social media that 2016 was the worst year and it has to end quickly. While I agree that it was not the easy year for the world, I consider myself extremely lucky because this was probably my best year so far. I know, I probably said the same thing at the end of 2015 but hey, isn’t it cool when you feel like every new year was the best one in your life?

In 2016 many of my dreams finally came true and left me wondering how did it even happen? Is this a real life?

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Vienna in 30 random facts, photos and impressions

My life has been chaotic lately and, as a result, the recent trip to Vienna went a bit chaotic as well. I thought I had a good plan what to do in the city for two days but, looking back now, it seems I spent most of the time randomly walking around and taking pictures. In my defense, Vienna is so big and full of interesting sights, that it is just impossible to see everything in a limited time. After all, we forget many things from our trips and in the end it is a general impression and a few details that are left in our memory. Below, I list some of my memories from Vienna.

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Vegetarian guide to traditional German cuisine

Tell me, is Wurst the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about typical German food? Because this is what I actually think of when I hear about German food. All kinds of meat are a big part of traditional German cuisine. If you love meat, Germany is a culinary paradise. However, vegetarians also should not skip trying local dishes when traveling in Germany. Here are the best traditional German dishes that don’t include meat.

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5 reasons to visit Barcelona in autumn

Barcelona in autumn


It’s been almost a year since I visited Barcelona. I happened to have a free week in the early November and was struggling to decide where to spend it. It got colder in Germany, so my eyes turned South. Barcelona was not an obvious choice, but I’m so glad I went. To be honest, If I ever get a chance to go again, I will try to go in autumn or spring again, because…

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One day trip to Aescher-Wildkirchli Berggasthaus

When I was already about to start thinking that I am running out of ideas for one-day trips, my boyfriend suggested going to Aescher-Wildkirchli Berggasthaus. I remember seeing the photo of this place a long time ago but I didn’t even consider putting it on my bucket list. That time I was living in Ukraine and Switzerland seemed so far away.  This is another opportunity to say – “dreams come true” and this is how mine came true last weekend.

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10 Ukrainian superstitions I can’t get rid of

Ukrainian supersitions


Ukrainian people still do believe in superstitions. They are taken seriously mostly only by elder people but are followed by nearly everyone. Some of them are so common that I didn’t even realise how weird they must be to someone outside of Ukraine. And no matter how silly these superstitions are, it proved to be difficult for me to stop following them even after moving abroad.

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5 most important German words according to a 2 years old Baby

most important German words

The girl I babysit recently turned 2. Let’s call her Baby, because this is how she likes to refer to herself. For me as for a non-native German speaker, it was really interesting to see how her vocabulary developed since she started speaking. Now she talks a lot and learns new words every day, but there a few essential words and phrases that she uses more often than others. And you can use them too!

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