20 photos that will inspire you to visit Colmar, France

Photos of Colmar, France

My best friend from Ukraine came to visit me in Germany recently. As we were discussing what to do during her stay, I suggested going to Colmar. This French town is located just a 40 minutes bus ride from my current home and it is so pretty that I went there a few times already. To my surprise, my friend never heard of Colmar before! Sometimes I see Colmar on the lists of hidden gems on the Internet but you just need to go there once during Christmas to understand that this is no more an off-the-beaten-path destination. I will write a blog post with the tips to visit Colmar soon but here are some photos to inspire your wanderlust if you don’t dream of visiting Colmar yet. 😉

Colmar is famous for its half-timbered houses and a very well-preserved Old Town.

half-timbered houses in Colmar, France

half-timbered houses in Colmar, France

half-timbered houses in Colmar, France

window details in Colmar, France

Old Town buildings Colmar, France

One of the most famous houses is a Maison Pfister. Colmar is believed to be the inspirational site for the animation movie “Howl’s Moving Castle” and this particular house can be spotted in the film.

Howl's moving castle Colmar inspired

Colmar has its own “little Venice” where you can take a boat tour to see the city from the water.

Petite Venice in Colmar, France

This is probably the most Instagrammable house in Colmar.

house with hearts in Colmar, France

In Colmar, you should pay attention to the details of house decorations. I find those half-timbered houses already pretty enough but the decorations make them even more cute.

Old Town in Colmar, France

pretty windows in Colmar, France

In December Chrismas markets are spread all over the city and Christmas decorations are everywhere turningColmar in a fairytale town.

Christmas time in Colmar, France

Christmas decorations in Colmar, France

Olt Town Colmar, France

Later the Easter decorations change the Christmas theme and in summer, flowers are everywhere.

Old Town Colmar, France

window decorations in Colmar, France

Easter decorations in Colmar, France

shopping in Colmar, France

city center Colmar, France

And finally, don’t forget famous French baked goods. Gugelhupf (Kugelhopf) is traditional cake in Alsace region.


Do you feel inspired to visit Colmar now? Or maybe you have been there already?
Let me know in the comments!



photos of Colmar, France






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  1. Seriously obsessing over this town from these pictures!!! Who knew this was so close to Switzerland. May have to add this to the list on the next trip =)

    1. Colmar is indeed close to Switzerland and even closer to Germany) makes a perfect day trip from both countries 🙂

    1. Oh Bruges is high on my list, I’ve already seen so many photos of this city! Can’r wait to go there soon 🙂

  2. I do feel inspired to go to Colmar! I would very much like to visit Europe during Christmas.

    I alao love Howl’a Moving Castle. I will look for this house next time I watch it.

    1. Colmar is very pretty during Christmas! But also very crowded, especially on weekends. Little tip – Christmas markets in Strasbourg and Colmar usually last until the end of December unlike most of other that close after Christmas 🙂

  3. AHHHH I’m dying. The photos are so beautiful and dreamy <3 The half-timbered houses and I have always wanted to visit the Alsace region but your post makes me want to book the tickets right now. Bon voyage cherie. I've pinned this post and I'll be following your adventures around the world. xx

  4. I definitely feel inspired to go there! I live in Atlanta, GA but about 45 minutes outside of here there is a town called Helen, GA and it’s very similar!! This might be a larger scale but its so beautiful! This definitely doesn’t look like a french town!

  5. I was in Colmar twice and it’s a very lovely and enjoyable town as you said 🙂 It’s a perfect destination for San Valentine’s gateways and for a summery tour when in Alsace. But I’ve never been during Christmas time so… it’s definitely something to put in my bucket list!

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