10 things you might hate about free walking tours

free walking tour hates

Some time ago I wrote a post about how great the free walking tours are. I like taking walking tours when visiting a new city and the idea of tip based tours is quite interesting. However, I felt that that post was incomplete. It described the free walking tours only from the positive side and ignored all the bad things. During my trip to Vienna, I went on a free walking tour and finally got inspiration to write something negative about the free tours. It’s not what you think, my tour was great. In fact, it was the best free walking tour I’ve ever had before. I kept thinking about how this tour was different compared to all the other tours I’ve taken in the past and this is how this post was born. If you are not new to the free walking tours, you might have also experienced some of those things before. And if you are only about to try them out, here is what you should be ready for.

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