10 eating and drinking habits that I picked up in Germany

eating and drinking habits in Germany

I think no one can deny the fact that living abroad changes you. From simple things like what you eat and drink to the way you think and behave in certain situations, there are lots of changes that you might not even notice at first. Recently I’ve been reflecting on the changes that happened to me since I moved to Germany almost 2 years ago. I started to realize that my eating and drinking habits changed a lot. When I first came to Germany, I lived as au pair with the German family. Later I moved to the hostel to work and didn’t have to think about cooking because the meals where included. This gave me a chance to get a glimpse into what people in Germany really eat and drink.

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12 one day city trip ideas from Zurich by train, bus or car

On day city trips from Zurich

There are so many great things to say about Switzerland. Gorgeous mountain landscapes, world-famous cheese and chocolate usually come first but if you look at the map you will notice that Switzerland also has one of the best possible locations a country can have. Just look how perfectly it is located in the middle of Europe. Thanks to the expanded railway network it is easy to travel across the Switzerland and to the neighbor countries even if you have only one day for a trip. A car is also a good way to travel around but buses are much less common in Switzerland for a long distance travel, so possibilities of day trips by bus are quite limited in Switzerland.

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How to travel in Germany with Flixbus like a pro

tips for travel with Flixbus

Flixbus is the biggest company offering long-distance bus service all over Germany and is rapidly expanding its network in Europe. Compared to Deutsche Bahn, Flixbus offers affordable tickets and is therefore especially attractive for young people.
Over the past year, I had a love-hate relationship with Flixbus. At first, I was really happy to find such a cheap way to travel and small problems didn’t seem to bother me much. The more I travelled with Flixbus, the more disadvantages I started to notice. At one point I was so disappointed with their service that I said I would never use them again. After a while I started travelling with Flixbus again, but only when it fits my travel plans the best. Here is some information I wish I knew before I did my first ride.

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Vegetarian guide to traditional German cuisine

Tell me, is Wurst the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about typical German food? Because this is what I actually think of when I hear about German food. All kinds of meat are a big part of traditional German cuisine. If you love meat, Germany is a culinary paradise. However, vegetarians also should not skip trying local dishes when traveling in Germany. Here are the best traditional German dishes that don’t include meat.

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