Must-know Polish words and phrases for travel (+FREE printable)

Polish travel phrases

Whenever I travel abroad, I try to learn or at least write down few words and phrases in the language of the country I am visiting. Even though in most touristic places it is easy to find people who speak English, you never know when some knowledge of the local language may be helpful. Poland is quickly becoming a popular destination for international visitors and in cities like Krakow or Warsaw, you are most likely to be fine with just English. However, in smaller cities, some Polish vocabulary might come in handy.

While I enjoy learning foreign languages, I am also lazy sometimes, so I made a pdf with some useful Polish words and phrases. Scroll down to the end of the post to download a free pdf, print it and take on your trip to use whenever you need. Enjoy! ūüôā

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The best Polish food for vegetarians to try

If you are a vegetarian traveling to Poland, you will quickly notice that most¬†traditional dishes rely heavily on pork and sausages. And although I’m not a vegetarian myself, the amount of meat in Polish food was too much for me too. I do enjoy a good meat, but don’t feel like eating it every day is essential. Even if it is possible to make some traditional Polish dishes like bigos or golabki vegetarian, they kinda lose some authenticity¬†without meat. This is why I prefer to stick to the dishes that are traditionally vegetarian. For all the veggie foodies out there, here is the list of the best Polish dishes to try on your trip to Poland.

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Krakow in one day: What to see and do

So you are going to one of the most beautiful and most visited Polish cities and only have 24 hours to spend there. How much can you see in just one day? You will be happy to hear that you can actually see a lot! Krakow is not a big city and even in such a limited time, you can easily explore it on foot.  If you are not planning to leave the historical part there is no need to use public transport. The distances between all the places listed below are around 15-20 minutes walking. And besides, walking in Krakow is a part of the experience because the city can boast of having some amazing architecture.

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