Vienna in 30 random facts, photos and impressions

My life has been chaotic lately and, as a result, the recent trip to Vienna went a bit chaotic as well. I thought I had a good plan what to do in the city for two days but, looking back now, it seems I spent most of the time randomly walking around and taking pictures. In my defense, Vienna is so big and full of interesting sights, that it is just impossible to see everything in a limited time. After all, we forget many things from our trips and in the end it is a general impression and a few details that are left in our memory. Below, I list some of my memories from Vienna.

1. Feeding pigeons is forbidden in Vienna, and you might pay 36 euro fine if you decide to break the rule. I was really happy to see this sign because the human food that is usually fed to pigeons is actually harmful for them.

2. The roof of St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the most beautiful cathedral roof I have ever seen. It is made of thousands of colorful tiles and looks really nice compared to many other roofs. I googled pictures of  “cathedral roof tiles” to find out if there is another cathedral that can compete with the beauty of Stephansdom and this roof is without a doubt the most famous for colorful tiles.

  Vienna St. Stephen's Cathedral roof tiles

3. Vienna is known for a mixture of different architecture styles, but there is one building that looks nothing like you can expect here. Hundertwasserhaus is a creation of an Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser who started as a painter but got interested in architecture later. I am a big fan of him, and Hundertwasserhaus was one of the reasons I always wanted to go to Vienna. Sadly it can be only viewed from outside because people live there, so I am still very curious how the apartments look inside.


Hundertwasserhaus Vienna

4. The city center is full of beautiful old buildings. It seems white/beige colors were in fashion during the time these buildings were built.

Vienna city center

5.  The houses in the city center already look impressive themselves, but you might not expect to find cute inner yards behind the facades. After discovering this one and a few others I came to the conclusion that Vienna is a city where I wouldn’t mind living in the downtown.

6. Viennese people are very proud of the excellent quality of their tap water. Vienna’s water comes directly from the Alps through two pipelines. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? I’m sure that not many cities in the world can brag about taking their water directly from mountains.

Vienna tap water

7. Albertina is a famous art museum in Vienna. When there is a temporary exhibition, museum steps are painted to show which exhibition takes place at that moment. I find the idea so creative; it is like the steps are also a piece of art.

Vienna Albertina stairs

8. Before going to Vienna, I knew that I had to try a famous street food – Viennese sausages or “Würstel” as they are called in German. But there are also other yummy street foods sold over the city like Kartoffelpuffer (potato pancakes), Maroni (eatable chestnuts), and Bratkartoffeln (potato fries).

St. Stephan Cathedral Vienna

9. Forget traditional walking tours and hop-on hop-off buses, even super modern segway tours cannot compete with touring the city in a horse-drawn carriage. These carriages seem to be very popular in Vienna and reminded me of gondolas in Venice, because they also look touristy, but I wouldn’t mind trying it out once in a lifetime.

10. Waiters in Vienna are known for being grumpy, and even locals make jokes about it. I went on a free walking tour and our guide mentioned it few times, later I also read the same information in a tourist booklet. I didn’t have time to check it by myself, but I hope the situation is not so bad as I heard. Even the best food doesn’t taste so good when your waiter is not being nice.

Vienna Schonbrunn palace

Have you been in Vienna? What was your impression of the city?

Vienna photos and impresions

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  1. This post is super interesting! I have never thought of Vienna this way. The first thing comes to my mind is Mozart but obviously Vienna is a lot more than that. I especially love the close up shots of the cathedral tiled roof and the architecture of your favourite artist! How fascinating!

    1. Thank you for your comment Vy 🙂
      I also thought about Sisi, Schnitzel and opera before as something that is typically associated with Vienna) but sometimes when you are not following traditional “things to do”, you can discover something even more interesting)))

  2. I had a waiter in Vienna who was not grumpy, but he completely forgot to put our order in and we were waiting for so long! I usually don’t mind but it was breakfast and we were really hungry.

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