Hi! Hallo! Привіт! Привет! Namaste!

My name is Uliana, welcome to Spring To My Mind. 

I’ve been blogging for fun since 2014 when I moved to Germany for the first time and wanted to capture my memories of living abroad. If you are new here, you can check out my posts about life in Germany and see where I’ve been.

A little about me:

I am a twenty-something Ukrainian girl and live in Germany somewhere between Frankfurt and Paris. I grew up in a relatively small city but always wanted to live in a big city, that’s why I moved to Kiev as soon as I got a chance. But life is unpredictable and later I moved to Germany, fell in love and found my happiness in a small German city on the French border.

I am a German language teacher by profession and run another blog called German Word Of The Day (be sure to check it out if you are learning German, there is a lot of useful information there 🙂

I LOVE Indian food and I’m quite good at cooking it.

I like to discover new destinations, but 3 countries where I keep coming back are Switzerland, India, and the USA.

I believe that language shapes the way we think, that’s why I keep learning new languages (currently working on my Hindi).