Spring to my mind Uliana Chaikovska

Hi! Hallo! Привіт! Привет! Namaste!

Welcome to Spring To My Mind!

My name is Uliana, glad to see you in this little corner of the Internet.

I’ve been blogging for fun since 2014 when I moved to Germany for the first time and wanted to capture my memories of living abroad and travelingI was one of those people who just wanted to travel the world and didn’t have any other goals in life. But as I grew older, I understood that external sources of happiness like travel, food, shopping, etc can’t make you happy for a long period of time. Internal happiness is a state of mind, it comes from within you and it’s your responsibility to learn how to be happy instead of relying on external factors.

Around that time yoga came into my life and as I continued practicing I became more and more interested in yogic philosophy and practices. In 2019, I went to Rishikesh, India for one month of yoga teacher training and became a certified yoga instructor. I keep learning new things about yoga every day, and I love to share this knowledge with everyone on this blog and my Youtube channel.